About Us


Hanix Technology started in 2008 as a web design company with 2 people in an office in North Sydney, specializing in Business to Business (B2B) solutions, data synchronization and 3rd party software integration. We assist our clients in building information and technology systems for use in promoting their goods and services to their own clients. We also help wholesalers and distributers set up drop-shipping networks for their clients, allowing them to grow much more quickly. This helps to increase the impression of their goods and services, with more people selling for them online and in traditional brick-and-mortar shops.

During the first four years of operation for Hanix, we built more than 1,000 web pages from a wide selection of industries. We carried out services for both individuals and companies. We take pride in our work; each project receives our strict attention and most dedicated efforts.

In 2012, Hanix Technology made the decision to only focus on developing and maintaining B2B systems. This decision necessitated a move away from public web design and development, but Hanix now focuses on tasks ranging from accounting to internal ordering systems, inventory system integration and others. From simple, single page order forms to ordering portals which able to handle half a million or more, our goal is to help you meet the needs of your clients in a timely and accessible way.

As of 2014, Hanix Technology has expanded into mobile app development, bringing our clients a new level of service with more possibilities than ever. While B2B system development and maintenance will continue to be our main focus, Hanix is proud to begin mobile app development.

Also in 2014, Hanix introduced CartBuddy which is a rebranded system for previouly dropshipping network system, an all-in-one solution from suppliers, inventory management, payments to delivery, for people who wants to quickly start their own business in low risk.

It's been a long way here, and we wish to walk much further with the support of your business.